Social Studies Education Course Offerings

(Syllabi linked from this page are examples.  Individual sections may differ)

ELE 3600
Social Studies Curriculum: Preprimary-9
Credit 3 (Offered every term)
Objectives, curriculum content & organization, teaching strategies, instructional materials, evaluation of learning, utilization of community resources.
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ELE 6600
Social Studies Curriculum: Preprimary-9
Credit 3 (Offered Fall & Winter)
Social studies program in elementary and middle schools emphasizing intellectual, social and affective development. Designing programs based on social priorities, modern socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, political concepts.
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SSE 6710
Methods and Materials of Instruction in Secondary Social Studies
Credit 3 (Offered Fall Winter & Summer)
Foundations of social studies instruction and curriculum; methods of teaching in middle, junior, and senior high school.

SSE 6730
New Perspectives in Social Studies Education
Credit 3 (Offered Winter & Spring)
Specialized aspects of social education: gaming and simulation, global education, law-related education, community projects, interdisciplinary approaches.

SSE 7780
Readings in the Social Studies
Credit 3 (Offered only in Fall)
A reading seminar in recent American writing in political, social and economic history and current affairs, with emphasis on teaching strategies and goal selection in secondary education..
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SSE 8740
Advanced Seminar in Social Studies Education, K-12
Credit 3 (Offered only in Winter)
Theories of social education; contrasting curricular designs, their assessment and evaluation; critique of research; study of curricular improvement problems.
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TED 7000
Introductory Master's Seminar: Social Studies
Credit 3 (Offered only in Fall)
This course is designed to familiarize students with online library searches, encourage their computing skills, including use of the Internet, and have them do a community project which may help them with their master's project.
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ED 7999
Terminal Master's Seminar & Project: Social Studies
Credit 3 (Offered only in Winter)
This is the master's project class to take before the end of your program, not the last class.  Offered for S & U grades only.
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