Lesson Plan

SUBJECT: Anthropology
TOPIC: Time Capsule
GRADE LEVEL: Upper Elementary
CREATORS: Katrina Colletti, Denye Love, Ruby Karim, Kadesa McGowen, Deanna Miller


Students will understand how to build a picture of life so that when asked to put together a time capsule they will be able to do so and give reasons to support the chosen items.


It is important for students to engage in historical reasoning and through inquiry, to reach sound historical interpretations.


Motivation Strategy

Students will be read the book The Magic School Bus: A Book About Archaeology.


  1. Read the book, The Magic School Bus: A Book About Archaeology. to the class.
  2. Discuss the book.
  3. Divide the class into five groups.
  4. Discuss with the class what a time capsule is.
  5. Explain directions on how to construct our time capsules.
  6. Pass out materials to each group.
  7. Allow the groups time to create their time capsule.
  8. Upon completion, students will present their time capsules to the class.


Students will be evaluated by their participation within their group.

Students will also be evaluated by the items placed in the time capsules and their reasoning behind choosing them.


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