Lesson Plan

TOPIC:Methods of Collecting Information
CREATORS:Roni Abdul-Hadi, Leslie Blelis, Trish Henry, Christy Heugh, Steven Saleh


To have students become aware of anthropology and the methods of collecting information in order to make conclusions about people and culture as an archaeologist does.

Students will be able to


Bags or boxes containing items or pictures of items that might be found in specific areas or used by specific people


Students will

  1. Receive an overview of anthropology and archaeology.
  2. Be read to from I Can be an Archaeologist by Robert Pickering.
  3. Divide into cooperative learning groups.
  4. Assign a discussion leader and a scribe.
  5. Become part of an "archaeological dig" that will come across some interesting but puzzling items.
  6. Examine a bag or box of soil containing items that they will "dig" for. Their task is to become detectives to make conclusions about the area from which the items came.
  7. Construct a list of items they find in the bag or box of soil and draw a conclusion about the area from the item, like an archaeologist.
  8. Have the group presenter share the findings and conclusions with the entire class


Observe the ability of students to draw conclusions based upon the items in the box.

 Tying It All Together

Discuss with the class how they arrived at their conclusions about the area which they observed. Follow up this activity with studies about ancient peoples and/or archaeology.


Pickering, Robert. (1987). I can be an archaeologist Chicago: Regensteiner Publishing, Inc.


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