Lesson Plan

SUBJECT: Archeology
TOPIC: Archeology Dig
GRADE LEVEL: Elementary
CREATORS: Areej Alnaraie, Margaret Burchi, Lisa Lewis, Laura Mann, Michelle Przybylo


As a result of this activity, students will be able to



The purpose of this activity is to provide students with the experience of analyzing artifacts and relics and constructing a hypothetical scenario describing a pre-historic culture.





  1. Divide the class into cooperative learning groups.
  2. Each group should appoint a discussion leader, scribe, presenter or any other tasks depending on the size of the group.
  3. Tell the class they are part of an archeological team that has discovered a site where some interesting artifacts are located. Their task is to continue with the dig and see what they can find.
  4. Give each group a shoebox containing the items they will be digging up, a sheet of paper to record their findings, and the tools that will be used.
  5. Have each group go digging. Walk around to see if directions are being followed.
  6. The group presenter should share findings with the entire class.
  7. Depending on the class and the grade level, critical thinking questions should be asked either in cooperative groups or with the whole class.



Discuss with the class how they arrived at their conclusions about what they found on their dig.



Students will successfully be able to identify their bones. Each group will orally share findings with the rest of the class.



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