Lesson Plan

SUBJECT: Geography
TOPIC: Michigan Road Trip
GRADE LEVEL: Middle School
CREATOR: Richard Kroll, Burton International Elementary


Students will successfully complete the road trip by applying skills on the map. This will give them a basic knowledge of the border and cities of Michigan. The activity will introduce them to the symbols and skills involved with map usage.



The students will be introduced to the problem of being lost. This will be done with a skit to get the class interested. The students will then be given Michigan maps and the road trip worksheet. The worksheet will guide them through the map. This activity will be a guided discovery because the tacher will be available to prompt their learning and give hints and support. This activity will be done in small groups, with teamwork.



With observation of the groups, the teacher will be able to evaluate how the groups are grasping the concepts. The completion of the road trip will serve as the evaluation of their learning.


DIRECTIONS: Using the map of Michigan, follow the clues given below until you reach your destination. Fill in the answers in the spaces provided. Have a nice time on your trip. See you when you get back!
  1. Begin in Paradise.
  2. Proceed west on state route 123 to Tahquamenon Falls where you take a canoe ride and see the falls. Continue the rest of the 37 miles from paradise to the "Opposite of Old Fruit" thin line for answers.
  3. Continue 3 more miles south along route 123 and turn west on state road 28 until you reach the double 7 road thin line for answers at thin line for answers. Turn south.
  4. Follow this road for 17 miles and you should reach a U.S. route thin line for answers in time for lunch. Head west and travel 62 miles to "Speedywater" thin line for answers.
  5. Continuing south you will pass through "Happy Rock" thin line for answers on the way to the county seat thin line for answers.
  6. From this city head west. 52 miles later you had better gas up at "Metal Peak" thin line for answers.
  7. Stay on U.S. route 2 and turn north. Turn west and proceed to the county seat of Iron County thin line for answers. Pitch your tent for the night and get a good sleep because you are not even half done yet.
  8. Proceed west to "Hard Water" thin line for answers. Continue along U.S. 2 for 71 miles thin line for answers. You're getting close to the Wisconsin border and are starting to get homesick. You decide to turn around and get closer to home.
  9. Turn northeast and get on state route 28. Take it east almost 300 miles all the way until you get to the interstate thin line for answers at thin line for answers. Go south on the interstate until you reach the straits between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.
  10. Spend the night in the county seat thin line for answers. The Straits are beautiful at night. Pay thin line for answers for the toll for your car and go south over the Mackinac Bridge to thin line for answers City. As you go by, wave at the "fudgies" who are waiting to take a boat ride to Mackinac Island to visit for the day. Stop and visit at the Welcome Center I Mackinaw City.
  11. Continue south on the interstate until the road splits past the Michigan National Guard Military Reserve. The interstate will split here. Take the west fork and the freeway changes its number to U.S. thin line for answers. Continue south past the beautiful sunlit lakes until the road splits once again. Stay on U.S. 27 and watch the planes take off from the nearby airport as you drive by "Happy Hill" thin line for answers.
  12. Go 16 miles further south and turn east on state route 46. Proceed 23 miles to a "Type of Tree" thin line for answers. Continue another five miles in the same direction and turn south following state route 52.
  13. Follow state route 52 until you cross over two interstate freeways I&345;thin line for answers and I- thin line for answers. Go 15 miles where you should be in a type of "Cattle Crossing" thin line for answers.
  14. Turn east 6 miles to a "Man's Name" thin line for answers.
  15. Turn right onto county road D32. The first community you reach is "Your Destination" thin line for answers.

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