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The year is 2010.

Michigan's governor is still buried under the economic rubble created by the recession and the perpetual demise of the Big Three.  Michigan has yet to gain any real economic footing since President Bush passed a nearly extinguished torch to President Obama.

The governor, along with all other leading politicians in the Great Lakes region, have diverted all of their resources, both monetary and human, to handling this continuing economic crisis.  Other issues, like maintaining Michigan's resources, have been put on the back burner.

Seeing an opportunity, with Michigan and other Rust Belt Great Lakes states in an economically weakened condition, drought-ridden southern and southwestern states have begun to build a case for Congress, in which they will assist Michigan and the Great Lakes Basin states in stimulating their economies by paying to redirect (i.e. pump out and pipe) some of our surface and other fresh water resources to their own states.  These states wish to involve the Federal government to override the Great Lakes states rights to decide the fate of their resources and to help in the building of a water pipeline to their states.

Finally, feeling pressure from both state economists and environmentalists to investigate this opportunity that the water depleted states are offering, the governor wants to figure out the best course for Michigan and its residents, but does not have the resources available to investigate.  The governor has decided to outsource this investigation.

You and your team members have been hired* by the State of Michigan to find out as much information as possible about the environmental and economic cost and benefit to the State of  Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, if their water sources were to be diverted.  You will gather this information and prepare it into a presentation of your choosing.  The governor is expecting results.  She/he will want as much knowledgeable support as possible to base her/his decision upon.

*since you are high school students and since the state has no money, you will be paid in goodwill and the promise that your hard work will help your college application.

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