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Last updated 07/22/2004



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Public Discourse







Michigan Symbols, Government, and Officials

Two exciting projects can be used to help instruct these state required topics. These projects include Claymation and a Mock Congress. A trip to the state Capitol and the Michigan Historical Museum, both in Lansing, also provides excellent hands-on experiences.


Claymation uses artist's clay, a digital camera, and computer software to create mini-movies based on a topic of your choosing.

Click here to see how a fourth grade class used Claymation to represent the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government, state officials, and how a bill is made into law. More information on Claymation is also provided at this link.

Mock Congress

This project encourages students' active participation in developing a bill and law for the classroom. Students naturally take ownership of the process because they are working toward a law that means something to them. Each student gets to play a part in the project (as Congress people or Senators), which further engrosses them in learning about how state government functions.

Click here for the Mock Congress lesson.

State Capitol and Historical Museum Field Trip
A great way to learn about our state Capitol is by "being there!" Half-day tours to the state Capitol are free and can be arranged through the Capitol Tour and Information Service at (517) 373-2353. If you can afford a whole day, it's nice to tie in a trip to the Michigan Historical Museum, which can also be arranged at the above phone number. Admission is also free. For more information, visit

Another half-day opportunity that can be tied into the Capitol or the Michigan Historical Museum is a trip to the Impression Five Science Center, which is a short walk from the capitol. See the adventures of a fourth grade class on its field trip to the Capitol and science center in this PowerPoint presentation. (requires PowerPoint viewer or PowerPoint software)