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Claymation uses artist's clay, a digital camera, a computer, and video software to engage students in active learning. Students create clay figures and make them come to life by posing them in multiple frames and creating a mini-movie.

Not only does Claymation encourage students to learn about social studies, writing, and technology, but it also encourages cooperative learning and use of multiple intelligences. With Claymation, your classroom will become an active learning environment.

Basic Process

  • Send a parent letter home that helps explains Claymation
  • Develop a concept that lends itself to a short story or simple morphing of an object/figure
  • Delineate the story in individual action frames by using a storyboard

- Each frame represents a different pose of the clay object/figure
- Each frame represents one digital photo taken of the pose
- A collection of frames represents a story

  • Create a simple armature that will support your clay object/figure
  • Apply clay to the armature to create the object/figure
  • Pose the object/figure on a set
  • Take digital photos of each pose
  • Download the photos in VideoBlender software for processing into a mini-movie

Movie Examples

Below are Claymation movies that were made by fourth graders and support Michigan state standards. To view a Claymation movie, click on your selection below. A movie will open in Windows Media Player.
Don't have Media Player? Click here to download.

Civics History
Three Branches Native Americans in Michigan
Executive Branch The Three Fires
Legislative Branch  
Judicial Branch Michigan Explorers
  Etienne Brule
How a Law is Made Antoine Cadillac
How a Law is Made Pere Marquette


State Symbols Other Symbols
Flower: Apple Blossom Flag
Fish: Brook Trout Capitol
Bird: Robin  
Game Animal: White-Tailed Deer  
Stone: Petoskey Stone  
Soil: Kalkaska
Reptile: Painted Turtle
All Michigan Symbols  

For More Information

More information on the Claymation concept and product can be found at Tech4Learning.