Student Reflections

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When the fourth grade Claymation program was complete, the teacher asked the students for their reflections. The reflections would help continuously improve the program going forward.

In the first reflection, I asked them to respond to two questions: 1) What was positive about your Claymation experience? 2) What would you change next time?

In the second reflection, I asked them to respond to these two questions regarding cooperative learning: 1) What was positive about your groups experience? 2) What would you change next time?

Here are their responses:

Claymation Experience

(Things to Change)

I enjoyed making explorers

We got to use real artistís clay!

It was good experience learning how artistís do it

It was fun to work with clay and my group

It was fun

I liked when we used clay and took pictures. It was fun with Mrs. Nick

I like Claymation because it was fun and creative working with clay

You get to play with clay

You get to use clay and clay is fun

I liked it because we got to play with clay until we got the right clay (color)


Take less pictures (4 responses)

I would not change anything

It was hard working in the room (classroom)

We didnít agree

I would like to change the times

Pick our own groups

Work by yourself

Cooperative Learning Experience with Claymation

(Things to Change)

I liked my group and person (clay figure)

We could help each other

We used teamwork (2 responses)

Itís better to know people

It liked working with my group and it was fun

I liked my group/partner (3 responses)

You can be with your friends (2 responses)

If we were stuck, we had somebody to help us and if we were both stuck, we asked other groups


Have only 2 people

Pick partners

Pick own groups (3 responses)

More people (2 responses)

A lot of arguing

At least five people (in a group)

Do a different clay person or thing

Have a limit of people

Less people