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Last updated 07/16/2004



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Michigan Symbols, Local and National Community, and USA Regions

Michigan symbols can come to life with use of Claymation. In addition, electronic and conventional correspondence can support topics about local and national communities. Lastly, USA Regions can be learned through a web site created by a fourth grade teacher.


Click here to see how a fourth grade class used Claymation to represent Michigan's symbols. More information on Claymation is also provided at this link.

Local and National

Michigan Postcards

One way to get students "revved" up about Michigan is to involve them in a postcard project. At the start of the project, students and/or parents request postcards from relatives or friends who live in different parts of Michigan. Once received, the post cards can be placed on a map of Michigan to provide a "pictorial" of attractions and cities in Michigan. It's a great way to learn about Michigan communities.

A parent letter describes the requirements and objectives of this lesson.


To learn more about peers and to share educational experiences, "epals" or student email is fun and educational. is a safe, secure, and free site for student email use. It includes safeguards for students as well as teachers. As long as students on both ends have email capabilities, it doesn't matter if the students are paired with others in the same school district or across the world. Projects associated with email that were recently used in an upper elementary classroom include electronic PowerPoint book talks, strategies for the MEAP test, math questions, and other curriculum-related information.

Pen Pals

Pen pals across state lines. What a great way to encourage learning about other regions of the United States! Recently a fourth grade class in Michigan became pen pals with students at the El Spirito Santo school in Fall River, Massachusetts. The students compared how their states are different (and the same) and shared several "care" packages that contained items specific to the regions.

USA Regions
Web Site

Click here to visit the Exploring USA Regions web site. This comprehensive site offers interactive opportunities in PowerPoint and through web quests to learn about the five major USA regions.