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Last updated 07/22/2004



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Michigan Explorers and Native Americans

A lot of creativity can be worked into lessons involving Michigan Explorers and Native Americans. Claymation and a bartering lesson add fun while instilling in students this important part of our state's history.


Claymation uses artist's clay, a digital camera, and computer software to create mini-movies based on a topic of your choosing.

Click here to see how a fourth grade class used Claymation to represent Michigan explorers and Native Americans. More information on Claymation is also provided at this link.


Bartering between Native Americans and early American explorers was an effective way for both sides to gain valuable resources. It teaches students that needs or wants can be acquired by different means other than traditional currency. A bartering lesson not only teaches this important period, but also reflects economics learning. Click here for a parent letter that explains the lesson.