Teacher Education Division



Gina DeBlase, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English Education
269 College of Education
Program Area: English Education

To make an appointment call 313-577-0902.

B.A., English, State University of New York at Geneseo
M.S.Ed., English Education, University of Rochester
Ph.D., English Education, University at Buffalo

Research Areas

Adolescent Literacy, Gender and Literacy, English Education, Writing, Digital Literacies, Sociocultural Theories of Literacy




DeBlase, G. (Spring 2006) DeBlase, G. Using drama to promote diverse perspectives in children’s literature and lives.  The Dragon Lode, 24(2), 42-45.


DeBlase, G. (Winter 2006).  “I have a new understanding”:  Critical narrative inquiry as transformation in the English-history classroom.  Journal of the Assembly on Expanded Perspectives in Learning, 11, 13-26.


DeBlase, G. (October 2005).  Negotiating points of divergence in the literacy classroom:  The role of narrative and authorial readings in students’ talking and thinking about literature.  English Education, 38(1), 9-22.


DeBlase, G. (September 2005).  Teaching literature and language through guided discovery and informal classroom drama.  English Journal, 95(1), 29-32.


DeBlase, G. (Summer 2005).  Making meaning from literary text: Collaboration  and autobiographical disclosure in the language arts classroom.Affective Reading Education Journal, 22, 26-31.

DeBlase, G. (January 2005).  Conversations from the commissions:  The place of gender, race, and class in constructing teaching lives.  English Education.


DeBlase, G. (Fall 2004).  A conversation with Diana Mitchell:  2003 Belle Inglis award winner.  WILLA Journal of Women in Literacy and Life Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English, 13, 30-32.


DeBlase, G. (Fall 2003).  Tracing texts of desire:  Assisting adolescent girls to (re)envision the male gaze.  WILLA Journal of Women in Literacy and Life Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English.


DeBlase, G. (May 2003) The Allure of Agency and the Desire for Romance:  Locating meaning in urban girls’ transactions with texts.  Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.


DeBlase, G. (Spring 2003)  Making meaningful connections:  The role of multicultural literature in the lived experiences of students.  Language Arts Journal of Michigan.


DeBlase, G. (May 2003).   Missing stories, missing lives:  Urban Girls (Re)constructing race and gender in the literacy classroom.   Urban Education.


DeBlase, G., (May 2002).  Discourse in the composition classroom:  Agency, personal narrative, and the politics of disclosure.  Teaching English in the Two-Year College.


DeBlase, G. (May 2002).  Striving for success:  The impact of high-stakes tests in the urban classroom.   The Ohio Journal of Language Arts.





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