TED 6020 Course Syllabus

The Effective Urban Educator: Reflective, Innovative and Committed to Diversity

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Course: TED 6020, Computer Applications in Teaching
Course Credit: 3 hours
Location: Lab 112 Education
Instructor: Dr. Bob Pettapiece
Office: 271 College of Education
Email: pettapiece@wayne.edu
Winter 2014: Tuesdays, 4:30-7:15
CRN: 21219
Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:00-4:00 by email appointment

Teaching Assistant: Shardonay Frierson (sfrierson@wayne.edu)

Course Description: Provides you with a variety of hands-on experiences where technology is used as a tool to support instruction and assessment purposes in K-12 classrooms using Macintosh educational computer applications.  Course Activities introduce students to educational technology standards.

In addition, you will explore Assistive Technology, explore the world using Google Earth and learn about many free Web resources, many on Delicious.com.

You are assumed to be able to use wordprocessing, WSU email and to surf the Web using Search Engines

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Course: Generally stated, they are to have you:

Evaluation & Grading:

Class Policies:

Perhaps the best way for you to approach this course, or any course you take in college, is to think of it as your current job; possibly the most important job you will ever have. It helps determine your future opportunities and establishes the pattern for your teaching career.

College credit is determined by an estimation that for every hour of credit you are expected to be in class one hour (50 mins.) plus two hours of work for the class outside.  This class is three hours credit, so . . . .

If this is your first course in the College, you may want to sit next to someone who understands teaching, lesson plans and unit plans.

For the following Wayne State policies please check the tab on Blackboard-
Assignments (outcomes):  (# requires library or online research)

Important:  When an assignment asks you to describe how you would use it in your classroom, include what your (future) classroom is by grade & subject; like high school math or elementary social studies.

For all assignments where you use wordprocessing, double space your text.
[You may use a podcast for both types of reviews; details in class.]

Due Dates



Forgot Your Disk?  You may save to THAWSPACE in Lab 112 by saving to a folder you create (use your name).  You must come back to that computer to retrieve your work.  Best, use Dropbox or your Briefcase.

Suggested Reading-

Google Apps Education Community

Evaluating Online Information

Healthy Computer Habits

Copyright Laws for Educators & Fair Use Policy

Michigan Education Technology Standards (METS)

NETS for Teachers 2008 (National Technology Standards)

Assistive Technology Resources & Field Trips

In the end, best practice is whatever helps students to engage more deeply with the subject and to become more actively responsible for their own learning.

-Noel Entwhistle

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